We’re a 7 year old technology company based just outside London in the United Kingdom, Doha, Qatar and Kolkota, India. We’re profitable, cash-flow positive and growing every month.


Our mission is to deliver world-class web products and cloud services to individuals and small business. That means enterprise-level quality at low prices – and whenever you need support – friendly and honest customer service.

We’re obsessed about excellence

We’re always thinking how to improve and make things better: faster, more reliable, easier to use – we don’t compromise on high standards.

We love what we do

We’re passionate about technology. We use open-source and web standards in almost everything we do, and specialise in PHP (CodeIgniter, ExpressionEngine, Drupal and WordPress).


We’re a small team, and we’re proud to know many of our customers by first name.

Balal K

Product Lead / Operations / Design

Sudip S

Systems Lead / Development / Servers

Arnab D

Applications Lead / Integration / Databases

Hira N

Customer Advocate / Helpdesk management / Billing & Invoicing